New Jersey filmmaker Frank Gigante is preproduction of his new short film, "Broken Silence", about the dangers of bullying. The film, written by Gigante, is one of many new projects in the works for Gigante's company, My Way Produzioni.

Inspired by the growing number of bullying-related suicides making headlines, Gigante conveys the film's strong anti-bullying message through Fran, a quiet teen frequently targeted by her peers. Alone  and forced into the silent world of the “uncool” at Franklin High , sixteen year old Fran Miller is the victim of brutal bullying by the “popular” teenagers at the school. Each day at school is a true test of her will to survive. Fran's days are spent trying to stay in the shadows and not to be seen.

Gigante wants the film's message to be a strong one. "Bullying is something we've all experienced" Gigante said, "whether it's firsthand or someone we love or know. It's hard to think that so many beautiful young people aren't here anymore because of bullying."
“If my film can help someone that’s being bullied, break their silence, I will feel greatly satisfied, because just maybe, I helped save a life!”

Director of photography is award winning Italian filmmaker Enrico Muzzi who joined the project, to be part of such an important message against bullying.

Gigante is hoping that all the anti-bullying associations as well as all groups will jump on board to support his film.
The casting for the film will take place the first weekend in August 2014

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