Once upon a time, Lehman College (then called Hunter College Uptown) was considered one of the most important centers of the Folk Music Revival of the 1960’s in the metropolitan area. Many gifted performers came up to the Bronx from all over the city for the Semi-Annual Hunter Uptown Hootenannies, and they included more than a few young people who would later make their marks in diverse areas of music, from folk-rock, to blues, to bluegrass, new acoustic music, songwriting, choral music and music education.

Some of the performers were: Gil Turner, The New World Singers, Peter Wernick, Danny Kalb, Eric Kaz, Artie and Happy Traum, David Grisman, Bob Malenky, Andy Statman, Norma Tanega, Bob Dylan, Jody Stecher, Winnie Winston, Bob Cohen………

The Hunter Uptown Hootenanny is a reunion concert and Field Day Picnic put on by the past Presidents of The Hunter College Folk Music Club Circa 1961 – 1968.

Join us!

Friday May 21, 2010 and Saturday May 22, 2010

The Folk Music Club’s past presidents, Alan Chartock Class of 1962, Gerry Segal Class 0f 1965 and Bill Schneiderman Class of 1967  along with past performer and student Danny Hamburg are working diligently to bring back many of the original acts to the place where they made some of their earliest appearances.