At Brookfield Chiropractic What You See Is What You Get!

What you see is what you get from our professional, caring staff and doctors. It is our goal to tailor the care to fit the patient, rather than expecting the patient having to fit our style. We will discuss any Finances with you before any charged treatments are rendered.

We understand that some people have had negative experiences with chiropractic care in other offices. At Brookfield Chiropractic we are continually providing professional, timely, friendly service and healthy positive experiences for our practice members. We like to have fun helping people and are continually finding ways to provide a “wow” experience that includes better and improved health for families in the area. We strive to serve families and nothing satisfies us more as doctors than when a parent entrusts the care of a child with us. We have the opportunity to allow them to grow up the way they should and be healthy. Our area has way too many sick children and we want to make a difference.

Our Vision for Brookfield Chiropractic

As Brookfield WI chiropractors our vision is to be the leading provider of chiropractic wellness in the Midwest.

Built on a foundation of teamwork and leadership, Brookfield Chiropractic brings to the community quality customer service, excellent value and education. We have gathered a team of qualified, well trained and caring staff. We offer clinically skilled doctors and implemented systems thru planning and hard work. Our goal is to achieve consistent quality chiropractic care to improve the health of our community. We deliver timely service in a professional manner focused on functional and structural correction to allow our practice members to live their lives to the fullest.

We Can Help

Our patients have had seen results in the following conditions:

reduction/elimination of pain
carpal tunnel
disc problems
ear infections
low back
neck pain

Let us help you live a long healthy life!