Brothers Gas Bottling and Distribution Co. LLC – A part of the Al Ghurair Trading Group of Companies - Dubai, was incorporated in 1992. The aim has always been to become the leading provider of LPG in the UAE.

We are pleased to have witnessed the realization of this goal and proudly claim to be amongst the leaders in this industry, providing Total solutions to the LPG consumer.

LPG has become the fuel of choice for the world today, due to a lack of infrastructure for natural gas supplies. Brothers Gas is proud of being a prominent distributor of such an important world resource. We specialize in the distribution and bottling of LPG, and most of the UAE today benefits from the convenience, economy and safety generated by Brothers Gas.
Our belief is that everyone should have access to our services, and have the comfort LPG consumption brought to their doorstep, no matter where they live. And for that purpose we have created the most extensive network of services across the UAE, to make sure that there is a rapid and reliable supply to almost any location across the region.
Our Industry is very sensitive to environment issues. Our motto of "SAFETY FIRST" represents us as good corporate citizens, working in tandem with the Civil Defense to make the environment safer and healthier.