Brown & Joseph has been transforming the debt recovery industry since we started in 1996.

We earned a winning reputation within the accounts receivable industry by routinely exceeding our clients' expectations and staying true to our mission of continuous improvement.

As a simple no-risk test to prove our top performance ability, many companies will compile all of their unpaid and uncollected accounts that their current collection agencies did not recover and have Brown & Joseph evaluate the true recovery potential in the 2nd placement portfolio.

Brown & Joseph consistently recovers higher percentages from this uncollected bad debt. Most often our recovery results in 2nd placements will equal and may even exceed the performance results of the original collection agency who handled the files as 1st placements.

Our results objectively demonstrate that we can collect what others cannot. Using business intelligence and analysis combined with our four-phase approach and backed by our audit resolution resources, Brown & Joseph enables our customers to optimize their business capital.