Brownstone Law Group, PC. Is a multi-jurisdictional law firm headquartered in Orange County, California. Brownstone Law Group, PC. is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau and is registered with the State Bar of California. Our firm provides Debt Relief services including Debt Negotiation and Bankruptcy for consumers that need assistance with their consumer debt. In addition, the attorneys at Brownstone Law Group, PC. are a group of highly trained litigation experts who have extensive trial experience in both civil and criminal cases in Federal and State courts. For more than 20 years, the founders of Brownstone Law Group, PC. have maintained a successful practice handling multitude of case files ranging from complex civil and personal injury matters for people that have been injured, multi-million dollar medical malpractice matters, real estate & business litigation as well as representing clients that have fallen on hard times financially and need assistance with their unsecured debt.

Brownstone Law Group, PC. prides itself on providing an exemplary level of service to ensure Clients receive the best possible outcome. We utilize a hands-on and pro-active approach to resolving Clients cases and are sure that you will find our firm, our staff and our lawyers to be experienced, knowledgeable, understanding and dedicated to helping you achieve your personal & financial goals.

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