Dr. Benjamin Robert Sill, Jr. has released a number of provocative new books speaking to the problems we all face and suggesting a few solutions.  He addresses inflation, inequality, poor governmental policy, and the human nature which feasts on these questionable issues - both good and bad.  He also has written a how to book for a PhD in order to help people understand and know how to read and research these topics.
The books were originally published in English but can be made available in Chinese Mandarin, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil or Urdu, French, German and Russian.
These books were written because problems do not go away and changes need to be made.  Will it be an Uphill battle?  Sure. It always has been.  People should try to be happy and do what pleases them. No doubt there are happier things to write about, but if that’s your thing, you have to go for it.
Dr. Sill became a college professor and writer late in life, having previously been a banker, stock broker, developer, and corporate technician, but has also been unemployed, driven as a courier and driven a candy machine route.  Dr. Sill spent his time in the military.
Good people have been complaining about things like inflation, inequality, downsizing poor human traits for centuries so it is not likely that “this time it will be different.”  But someone must keep doing it.  That’s what newspaper reporters were supposed to do, keep the rich in line. True, it only worked part of the time but can you imagine how the rich would have run roughshod otherwise.  Today the news industry may have lost their way.  There are a lot of really dedicated people in companies and the government.  My apologies to them, nevertheless, they need to read these books in order to fight the bad guys. Everyone has an opinion, this author is probably no different, although he tries to be fair
Human rights is tough, even when the greed factor is not taken into account.  Many policies are put in place with the best intentions yet still yield negative results.  The tyranny of the government is easy to fight against, it’s an enemy you can see. Fighting against the will of the majority is a bit more difficult.
The author is available for interviews, and book reviewers may request a review copy by contacting the author.