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Did you ever wanted to know what could make you different in the marketplace? Beyond price or product can you think of something to make the user experience somnething worth twitting about?

If people reach you online how can you make their browsing something to talk about? A satisfied client is the best kind of advertising as the saying goes.

There is a plethora of one-size-fits-all website services out there purporting to do all you need for next to nothing. Well, maybe so... but how will you differentiate yourself if everybody else also run the same plain-vanilla system?

It will come to more than fancy images or a multimedia experience to be remembered. What about if you go beyond the customer expectations?

If you are a retail outlet, free delivery is a token of trust. You absorb freight charges in your overall costs and clients are pleased that they won't be penalised if they live in such and such postcode.

Taking it one step further - can you integrate your offerings with some interactive module to process a profile for each visitor? Home loan repayments, dieting plans come to mind. What about an area calculator if you are selling carpet or tiles?

If you are a hotel or a resort what about providing a plan of your facility? As you click on each room an image reveals how the place is furnished and if you click further on the window the exact view from that room scrolls on the screen. Click again to see the rates offered for different days and the vacancies.

A custom-made website is what your business deserves and if you have to change your office procedures for the exercise it could be a bonus. If you consider the cost of driving traffic to your web address why not make the most of the situation once they reach you?