Bachar Samawi Innovations enters into collaboration agreements with innovative companies, with promising inventions, to help such companies meet their primary objective of successfully commercializing their inventions. Our objective is to grow their international sales of related products & services, leading them to realize improved cash flow. This provides them the opportunity and freedom to concentrate on what they do best, unleashing their creativity to grow their portfolio of innovative offerings.

Our Mission is to enable leading creative European & U.S.A. companies with innovative products & inventions in Agro, Technology, Sports & Energy to penetrate American, European, MENA, and GCC markets.

Our philosophy is that everyone along the product/service chain is our partner, from the inventor, to the customer.

Our Vision is to connect the world, one invention at a time, hence our motto: “Connecting the World One Invention at a Time”.

Although we are heavily involved in sales & marketing, we are strategic thinkers. Our objective is to gain our clients’ trust, and collaborate with them to help them overcome challenges. We often provide them with multiple opportunities, such as an alternative manufacturing solution to minimize costs and bring products/services to market faster, or a derivative application for their invention in a fertile market.

Our goal is to grow into a financially & ethically healthy company, with a loyal workforce & brain trust, long-term strategic partnerships, and a satisfied customer base.

Our growth prospect is naturally driven by the fact that our core business revolves around bringing to market innovative new products that did not even exist before, to sectors of everyone’s daily lives: Agro, Technology, Energy and Sports.

Our customer base consists of institutions, businesses and retail. We rely on network marketing, leveraging institutional, government and business sales & contacts to grow a loyal retail customer base. We market the products of our strategic partners to a focused client base: for example, we engage in direct network marketing to sell Footballmaster, an invention from Sports Innovation, AS, Norway, to registered football/soccer players/clubs throughout the world, while we engage our business strategic partners in the Agro sector to sell temperature Tag-Sensors for cold-chain management to beef & chicken producers.

As a member of Bachar Samawi Ventures (“BSV”), we leverage BSV’s extensive contacts and strategic partnerships to help our clients achieve solid penetration for their products/inventions throughout the world. We rely on the strategic involvement and guidance of senior executives and advisors, including Bachar Samawi, with 28 years hands-on experience in multiple sectors, spanning multiple continents, and proven track-record with multi-billion dollar international conglomerates.