bSoftware Solutions Ltd was founded by Shaun Brereton, and offer software, online, and digital marketing solutions. bSoftware Solutions solve your digital problems using the latest technologies, and make them work for you.

Our software solutions drive efficiency and cost reduction within your business, and by requiring less staff time, and reducing human errors, they can lead to a better experience for your customers.

Our online and digital marketing solutions can help you achieve your goal, and grow your business effectively, and consistently.

We like happy clients, and we keep ours happy by consistently giving them solutions which offer a return on their investment, which is the reason our clients use us time and time again. Think of us as your digital problem solvers, we love to get involved with projects that will allow us to create something that will make an impact on your company.

We believe that by providing a premium product, that gives our clients what they need, and only working in markets where we can make a significant contribution, we will be able to become a leading name in the digital software and online industry. We strongly believe in products that just work, and are simple to use, but complex in what they can be used for.