BTC MEDIA is an interactive branch of Brooklyn Teen Challenge - a non-profit organization that aids in the recovery of those addicted to life controlling substances such as drugs and alcohol. BTC MEDIA is an interactive adjacency featuring media, marketing and public relations.

As a non-profit organization, BTC MEDIA offers individuals the opportunity to hear the word of God, hear His message from other believers and be led to an avenue which provides available help and hope to their situation. BTD MEDIA relies on the generosity of others to continue funding its efforts and ministry growth. With a wide variety of offerings and programming, BTC MEDIA endeavors on a great journey of providing ministry outlets with business advantages.

Don Wilkerson (co-founder of Times Square Church, co-founder and current president of Teen Challenge Inc. Brooklyn, Pastor and celebrated author) has a vision for BTC MEDIA. "We are seeking to reach the undercover addict. Those who may need a residential program like Teen Challenge, but may not, for whatever reason, enter the Teen Challenge Residential program -  those who may NOT need a program but are looking for help and have nowhere to turn. Those who may have family members who are too proud to admit they have a problem.  Those who attend church regularly but in secret are an addict. These are the lives that BTC MEDIA is reaching for."

Advertising, promotional, event, networking and even more possibilities are available through BTC MEDIA. If you are interested in connecting with any of the media solutions, we welcome the new relationship. There are many in need and searching for a solution to life’s challenges. BTC MEDIA offers the message of Christ in a unique and innovative forum, and is dedicated to maintaining the integrity and experience of presenting the Gospel. Those addicted to controlling substances are not the only ones in need of a savior-for we ALL have sinned and have fallen short. As diverse and interesting as our population is, equally must be our delivery of the message Jesus Christ