VOIP phone systems are the newest business trend that allows for cost effective management of virtual employees and remote offices.  AKC Solutions offers a state of the art VOIP phone system that addresses all of your company's communication needs with a single back-end based on the open source Asterisk and FreePBX.  Do you have remote offices in multiple states or countries that need to communicate with each other, assuming minimal costs?  AKC Solutions provides a phone system that utilizes the most up-to-date technology allowing you to work from home, record calls for quality assurance, easily manage remote locations, cut phone costs and more.  

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Call 704-749-2235 or email info@akcsolutions.com to get your phone system setup ASAP.  We customize the phone system according to your company's individual needs and we are the most comprehensive and cost effective VOIP supplier out there.  

Hotel phone system deployments
Corporate phone system migrations from PSTN to VOIP
Phone system integration for small to medium sized businesses who maintain multiple virtual locations, with limited virtual assistants.
School phone system deployments from PSTN to VOIP.