BTS Software Technologies Ltd. established in May’2005, is a software development company, specializing in business and mobile application development. From the very beginning, the company started its operation with experience team of professionals who are keeping themselves updated with the latest technology trends. The company also believes in maintaining a culture where all employees encourage sharing their thoughts and ideas, communicating openly and respecting the view of others.  This enables us to share a common vision of growth.

As the company is very much customer centric, and  strongly believes in making things simple and easy to use by utilizing technology, which allows the company to deliver the products and services that can fit well with upcoming future technologies. Every client at BTS Software is a “valued client”, and the company ensures best value service to each and every client. The company guarantee such high levels of consistency across all our major projects by means of own proven, proprietary methodology.

BTS Software is going to launch its first hosted Kool Series software called Kool Invoice soon, leter Kool CRM, Kool Desk 24 and Kool Chat will be launched accordingly.