Not only do we offer,  Motor Bike Rider's offering support to survivors of abuse. Now we have expanded BUACA Canada/USA to help offer groups who ride Bicycles in our sweat ride fund raiser programs.  Plus the BUACA "Scoot Scoot" Program's, for both gas and electric scooters. This help's keep down the old trend of bikers on motorbikes, flashing the bad ass look. We found that what was more important was success in involvement, and the more program's we could think of to help all kind's of individuals join in to help out a local family and/or child.  Raising the awareness of child abuse, bullying in the community, bullying online, sexstortion, child kidnapping, sex trade awaress. We here at BUACA also understand the needs for children in other countries such as Uganda. Raising funding for school supplies, mosquito net's, clothing, food, medical aid and so on. While at the same time BUACA is raising awareness and funding, we are having a great time as a team, working together to help one another. From helping talk a teen from suicide, to publicly exposing convicted sex offenders in our community, This is just the start of BUACA Canada/USA.   All member's working around school's and with children are passed to work with children and that no criminal offences relating to children, domestic, or any sexual violence convictions. Not like some bike group we are hearing about going around schools parading for show. We are about the helping of a teen, a child, a family. So we pride ourselves in having the best organization offering proof of this, a long with proof of donations and gifting made available to the public to view. No other Biker organization offers such details and safety. We find we get to help more when we do less glorifying and get to do more interactions. Digging up local sex offenders, while fighting to have an open sex offender registry in Canada.

Founded to help not only to raise the awareness of child abuse, but to also bring great attention to bullying and cyber bullying in both schools, the community as well as online.

BUACA offers speaking in schools about bullying/cyber bullying and the ways it can affect children and teens as well as the parent's.

We hold and start up many bicycle, "Sweat Ride", to help raise support goals for organizations, children & families in Uganda, also individual victims who have suffered abuse.
We at BUACA also take time to ride around school's helping to keep watchful eye's, watching for predator's, sex offenders. All members have been passed with a criminal records check, ensuring there are no offences relating to child abuse, domestic abuse, sexual abuse.

We are still in the beginning stages with well over 180 members across Canada already, Membership's are growing. If you like to bicycle ride, both speed bikes, mountain bikes and BMX are all welcome to join, we have and carry what we call three class event's to help raise support.

Speed Class is for those who love to ride speed bicycles on pavement terrain, eg, highway's and community street's. long and short distance rides/races between members.

Mountain Class is for the tough, a bit more dangerous as it involves a few days camping, and racing down the mountain trails of BC Canada.

BMX Class is for those who love to freestyle, if you like to impress and show off your stunts in a race to help raise support and get noticed, then join us.

We are the only organization that will join together to do as much as we do, and give 100% of the donated support.
A new organization that offers real action, and will continue to motivate those who are falling victim to cyber bullying,and all kinds of abuse.

Our long ride's are called, "BUACA SWEAT RIDE". And when we say sweat we ,mean it.

So do you feel like you would like to become a member and show your full support for victims world wide???

There is a screening process for membership, we do however ask any and all people to join BUACA Canada & also now BUACA USA.
Contact us and let us know what you feel that you can do as a BUACA team member.

What we do is we ride for causes such as children and families in need, victims of abuse, missing children & families.  Victims of sexual abuse & also families and children in Uganda. We just got started and we welcome anyone that need's our help in raising funding & support.  The list of current activities/fundraisers will be listed on this page down below.  We are a membership group that prides itself in helping others anywhere in the world.  When we ride raising funding and awareness we do this knowing that all proceed's go directly to the one's we are helping, we take no profit at all. We only accept financial support for our organization by donation and/or sales from our item's such as T shirts and ball caps and many other items soon to be offered here on our website.