On May 31 people in over 30 countries across the world - from Nepal to USA, from Sudan to Indonesia - will go out on the streets and join forces to make their cities happier by blowing soap bubbles. The Bubble Parade is organized by 100happydays foundation with the goal to promote the idea that happiness is in little things around us.

With their worry-free, colorful and dreamy nature, soap bubbles are often recognized as a symbol of happiness & childhood. The Bubble Parade 2015 - the first of its kind and scale global event - was started by 100happydays foundation with the mission to remind that our happiness is in little things around us. Participants of the parade are encouraged to pause their busy lives for a moment and to play along with their inner child by blowing soap bubbles. With forecasted reach of the global event close to 100 000 people, #bubbleparade hashtag will harness the power of social media to create a global moment dedicated to happiness and appreciating little things in life around the world.

“We at 100happydays foundation feel blessed to receive such support from local happiness ambassadors in bringing the event to over 40 cities across the world,“ said Dmitry Golubnichy, Chief Happiness Officer of 100happydays foundation. “To us the warm reception of the initiative on 4 continents proves that the search of happiness is the ultimate goal for all people beyond age, gender or racial barriers.”

To learn more about the Bubble Parade please visit www.bubbleparade.org or follow the official hashtag #bubbleparade on major social media platforms.