As the former Coordinator for the Music & Entertainment Commission in the City of New Orleans, for Mayor Marc Morial, there is no stone left unturned with Buckhead Public Relations, CEO, Alisia Cantrelle Harris.  Having designed some of the most effective PR Campaigns for Celebrities, Public Figures, Non-Profits and Corporations, Buckhead PR’s reputation revolves around one philosophy:  Customizing.

Harris says, “As a Publicist, I am like a diamond cutter, I have to examine my Client’s situation from all sides, obscuring the flaws and enhancing the quality.”

Buckhead PR's Staff ensures that the Message about our Client’s:  Image, Brand, Mission, Product or Service is presented to their intended target markets for the most impact.  Simply stated, Accurate Information + Frequent Distribution= The Buckhead PR Formula.

PR Campaign Design

Press Release Writing & Distribution

Social Networking "MESSAGE" Management

Booking:  Appearances & Signings

Editorial Writing