Buckscapital.com a UAE based business Consultancy Company created a Crowdfunding Platform for entrepreneurs, startups, non-profit social causes to raise monetary contributions for their ventures from a large number of people through their web-based platform Buckscapital.com.

Crowdfunding alternative form of finance, which has emerged outside of the traditional financial system and entrepreneurs with specific projects, business ventures or social causes, creative thinkers, non-profits to get funding.
Any entrepreneur, Startup Company, wanted to raise money for their project must register and add their projects in www.buckscapital.com . When they are adding project, keep following things in their mind. Describe their project, their goals, why they need the money, how they use it and the time frame in which they need pledges to come in. And definitely don’t forget to describe the rewards they have to offer to the contributor.
Try to answer these questions for the audience:
Required contributions and the background relevant to the project?
The project details
How long will it take to complete the project?
How much backing need to complete the project?
How will they use the money?
What rewards are they offering?
What will they do if they get more money than they are asking for?
How will they keep in touch with the community during development, and after the product is released?

Only promise content, features, services or opportunities that they know and they will be able to deliver upon if goals are met. If they try to launch a project simply by asking for contributions and offering little of value in return, they very quickly discover that managing projects isn’t like running a political campaign or charity fundraiser. Few will pledge money simply to provide support. The majority of backers expect something in return—hence the need to incentivize them by offering compelling goods or services in exchange for contributions. The type of reward they offer should be determined by the kind of project they are running.

Sample Rewards:
•     The product itself. A copy of the item in question—and, potentially, one sold for a limited time at a steep discount. Be sure to calculate any associated costs and figure them into their pricing structure and funding goals.
•     Advanced or early access to the product or service. This may include advance entry for backers to prototype testing programs.
•     Enhanced versions of the product.
•     Merchandise and souvenirs. They might offer posters, stickers, t-shirts, caps and other items that commemorate the project.
•     Making the contributor part of the product.
•     Giving contributor’s credit. It’s always a good idea to thank your backers, but sometimes there are ways to do so publicly: within the product or at surrounding events. Be generous with donors.
Anyone who wants to bring their idea in to life can upload their project to www.buckscapital.com