Builderbox is a cloud based construction project management platform. It helps architects, engineers and construction professionals communicate effectively, document everything and make data driven decisions.

Communicate Effectively
Collaborate with secure communication tools that feel familiar and yet much more powerful than e-mail. Convert communication into Action Items with powerful reminder and notification features that keep your team accountable and on schedule.

Document Everything.
Automate document approvals and get a real-time picture of who is responsible for what. No more throwing responsibility over the wall and wondering when it will get done, or working on the wrong version of a document. Stay compliant with regulatory and owner requirements, and build a closeout package as you go.

Make Data Driven Decisions.
Turn your information into knowledge and make better decisions with context. Measure data across your project portfolio with customizable dashboards and reports, and don’t just search, FIND the information you are looking for.

Key Builderbox features are: Document Controls, File Sharing, Issue Tracking, Punch Listing, Photo Sharing, Plan Room, Daily Reporting, Safety and Quality Inspection and Auditing, RFIs, Submittals, Change Orders, Payment Applications, Draw Requests, Transmittals, ASIs, Time Sheets, Payroll, Contract Management, Budgeting, Cost Controls, Project Planning, Scheduling, Material Tracking, Equipment Tracking and Labor Tracking.