Bullcoin Gold (BCG) is a cryptocurrency hedge fund token created using the Waves platform. Funds collected from the token distribution will be managed by a team of experienced cryptocurrency fund managers with proven track records in cryptocurrency investing. A project team called the Bullcoin Foundation has been created to manage the operations with regard to the distribution of Bullcoin Gold tokens and the management of the Bullcoin Gold investment fund. This cryptocurrency hedge fund will have a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrency assets that will minimize investment risks and maximize returns for the token holders. This diversified portfolio which contains more than 50 cryptocurrencies will offer more opportunities to make exponential gains and also limit the token holders’ risk exposure should any of these cryptocurrency projects fail. The market value of cryptocurrencies has soared tremendously in recent years. Despite that, we are still in the early stages of the development of blockchain technology and we have not reached the stage of mass
adoption of cryptocurrencies yet. Therefore, there is still a very great room for market growth with regard to cryptocurrencies. The BCG fund managers will do a thorough analysis of market conditions and of the different blockchain projects on the market to identify legitimate projects with great potential to deliver high returns for the fund.