Bullet Defense is shaking up the traditional body armor industry by manufacturing a full line of clothing that protects the head, torso and legs from bullet and knife threats. Unlike other commercially available products, Bullet Defense provides this level of security in comfortable, everyday work clothing – not just bulky vests with inserted plates. The full product line is designed with the latest Kevlar ballistic fabric that’s 30% lighter, lasts up to 7 years and retails for a fraction of the industry investment.With over 30 commercially available SKU’s, Bullet Defense products provide peace of mind to public and private safety officials, corporate and educational campuses, field personnel, government agencies and sporting and outdoor enthusiasts. All Bullet Defense products are lab-certified to NIJ-IIIA specifications with multiple product customizations and configurations available to tailor to individual brands and requirements. All research and development, sourced materials and manufacturing is proudly done within the United States.