The Bullets4Peace jewellery began when designer Rafi Anteby's close childhood friend was killed in a hail of gunfire. To intercept the vicious cycle of death.
Rafi created something that would ultimately help to limit the damage an individual bullet could do. By transforming a bullet casing into an artistic piece of jewelry i.e. a symbol for peace, this helps to ensure that one bullet casing cannot be refueled to kill again. Now Rafi aligns himself with as many people as possible who stand for peace in every capacity, from intercepting bullet casing in war zones, streets, and other places to promoting inner peace and harmony through the ways of the Taoist, which is the embracing of nature in every aspect. They wear these beautifully crafted pieces of art and stand in unity to bring an end to senseless violence and the deaths of so many. With his friends in Hollywood, Rafi is quickly becoming known for his efforts to thwart violence around the world through his company whose sole mission is to help eradicate violence one bullet at a time.
Bullets4Peace - Reloading Life!