The Bullets Production Team is a prominent entertainment company founded in 1997 by William Junebug Lee the producers and writers consist of Greg, Klasic, Antwan, Spitfiya, Scrap, Gigi, Necee, Allan, Eq, and Baby Slim. the company has consistently shown growth over the past thirteen years, by achieving multi-platinum success including multiple Grammy nominations for (the Flo Rida Roots album) in 2010 (The Adventures of Bobby Ray 2011) and one win for (Love Is A Crime from the movie soundtrack Chicago) in 2004, collectively the producers and writers have sold over sixty five-million records world wide, some of there credits include: (Roll Flo Rida ft. Sean Kingston) (Bonifide Hustler Young Buck & 50Cent) (Timbaland Hit You Wit No Delay) (Smile I'm Leaving 50 CENT) (Love Don't Cost A Thing Jennifer Lopez) (Love Is A Crime Anastacia) (Only God Can Judge Me Tupac Shakur) (Finaly Here Flo Rida) (Just Because Ginuwine) (Make It Home the Barber Shop2 soundtrack) (Fame B.O.B) and many television and film credits.