I’ve been targeted over the years from all types of bullies since grade school to later in my life when I became a member of the work force. I know what it feels like when you’re being bullied. I had feelings of constant fear and feelings of being shocked while others in the group are laughing and carrying on while the Bullies were getting the best of me.

With my experiences of being harassed and bullied, from either a single bully or from gangs, I know the horrible thoughts that go through a person’s mind who is targeted. Every time I hear of someone going on a rampage with a gun and going postal, I feel that bullying had something to do with it somewhere in that person’s life.  

After my last horrific experience with a very horrible, aggressive Work Place Bully I had made it my goal to find a peaceful solution to assist anyone who is being bullied. The basic idea is to get people on your side so that the bully will eventually feel outnumbered and back down from harassing you.

After I lost my job in January 2013, for which I blame the same Bully I first had to deal with back in 2005, I decided to do something positive. I now am officially retired and am teaching myself Android app programming.  The apps I’m developing are designed to assist you, “the target”, at times when you feel you're being harassed by someone. The goal is to put an end to the violence as quickly as possible. My apps are designed to keep a paper trail of any bullied activity. When you send a message to someone, it goes on record with a time stamp. Such records can then be used in a court of law.

An Employment Lawyer told me that I need evidence of the Bullied activity. Otherwise it's just his word against mine. The most important thing you need to do is keep a paper trail of all activity.  
If I had such evidence when I was bullied from October 16 2012 – January 25 2013, I would have been able to take this person to court. Shortly after I was let go, I came up with the idea for these apps. Trying to figure out peaceful solutions to something as horrible as being targeted by bullies is what I intend to continue to work on.

I’m hoping you will try out my free app and eventually support what I’m trying to accomplish by purchasing my paid app.  

I wrote my story about my most recent confrontation with this idiot on my blog section of this web site.  

I searched for tools which could have come to my aid, but I didn't see anything that was really appropriate for my needs. Then the idea came to me to begin studying Android Programming with everything I could find in books and on the internet. Even though it's been a huge learning curve, it’s been a fun learning experience.

After I begin making some sales, I will begin focusing on developing the same type of apps for the other phone systems (I phone, Microsoft, etc.) which will require me to learn new programming languages.

My name is Bob Richardson and I want to work towards preventing what had happened to me to happen to anyone else.

The names of my apps are as follows:

* Bully Proof Assistant For All (FREE with no advertisements) - To be used by people of all ages who   are being harassed in school or in the office to report Bullying activity - capable of sending emergency text messages or e-mails to someone who can come to your aid to resolve the bullying as quickly as possible. You could also take a photo of the bully which you can keep for your records.

Bully Proof Assistant Professional ($0.99) – has the same capabilities except that there is no advertising banners and is more compatible for use on the Android tablet.

I know what is going through your mind when you are being bullied. Afraid of losing your job or afraid of what others might think of you when you’re in a confused state and wish you could gain the courage to bring an end to it on your own. Sometimes you might be able to defend yourself but in many cases you need to get some help from those who you can trust. I definitely can relate to what you are going through. With technology getting more and more advanced, you can use it to keep yourself free of any unnecessary stress in your life.  These Bully Proof Assistant Android apps can come to you aid whenever you need immediate help.