The Bumbo baby seat instills a sense of pride and joy in the infant who is able to demonstrate confidence at an early age. The Bumbo baby seat can be described as “the extra set of hands mothers have always been looking for”.

In 2001 Bumbo (Pty) Ltd was created to address the on going need for Baby accessories that are functional and affordable.

Overall, our company can be characterized as an aggressive distributor and quality manufacturer of the Bumbo Baby Seat, the first of many products to be celebrated under the Bumbo brand.

We completed the design, development and testing of the Bumbo Baby Seat and introduced it into the South African market from October 2001. Go to http://www.bumbo.co.za

Welcome to Bumbo: For world famous baby products
Bumbo International is a privately owned company established on premises that cover a total area of 47,000 square metres. We are the sole manufacturer of the Bumbo Range of superior, happy and fun baby products, the first of which is the Multi Award winning, World Famous Bumbo Baby Seat.
We are a truly global enterprise with an impressive global market position with a wide range of seats, baths, toys and other great products to assist with toddler's creative play, learning and development. Bumbo Products are marketed and distributed in close to 100 countries to date and constantly creating loyal customers for life.
Sound business practise and ethical conduct is exercised to maintain a continual commitment to quality, reliability and dependability in our quest for service excellence.
The promotion of quality awareness, cost effectiveness, and conformance to customer requirements are all-important elements with which the entire Bumbo Workforce is familiar.
Our workforce of over 430 employees consider us to be the best company to work for and share our core value to deliver quality service and products in the most effective and conscientious manner possible. Since the inception, our clients have been accustomed to timely deliveries, stable supplies, product uniformity and quality.
By honouring our commitments, standing behind our transactions and providing professional service, we have developed client relationships, built on a strong foundation of mutual trust and respect. We now have the pleasure of offering you in addition to the Bumbo Baby Seat a range of additional products guaranteed to change your life completely.
Innovation, Safety and Comfort are the two most important starting points for developing any of our products here at Bumbo.
Bumbo is receiving rave reviews unlike any other from stockists, retailers, parents and caregivers far and wide because it is aligned with the needs of millions of mothers all over the world.
Bumbo understands the importance of superior educational toys, kids furniture and other baby products is for successful toddler development.
Bumbo is a worldwide rave.......No parent can afford to be without a Bumbo.

Since then Johan Buitendach has introduced more products.....:

It’s more than just a Bumbo................
It's About Your Baby being a part of the action wherever you are.

Providing retailers and distributors with exciting and profitable products that create a safe and comfortable environment for today’s active families seeking a fun, fit and healthy lifestyle. Bumbo offers entertaining and engaging products that respond to increasing demands by busy parents for raising healthy and fit babies in a positive environment.

Our unique range of products is designed and manufactured to the highest
quality standards.