Bum Print Baby is a premium cloth diapering brand ensuring absorbent, eco - friendly and safe cloth diapers.Our products use only tested and safe fabrics such as cotton, micro-fleece, and bamboo. We work hard with our manufacturers to carefully choose materials and ingredients going into making our products to make sure they are of the best quality and safety.

It's great that our diapers are eco friendly and rash free, but the feature we've made sure to perfect is the absorbency! Bum Print Baby diapers can soak up liquids and keep your baby's bottom dry for a long period of time. Our high quality Indian made cloth diapers come with two absorbent inserts and a sizable diaper cover!

At Bum Print Baby, we are committed to helping create ecological products that work and are safe for your baby. We're obsessively passionate about it and work hard to bring you products that are clean and green. Shop with us now and reduce your baby's bum print on earth!