For those of us...
   * who have gone to conferences and wished we knew more about a panel or speaker's topic beforehand rather than afterward,
   * who thought of a really great question to ask a speaker as soon as they left the room,
   * who were in a fog for the first fifty-three minutes of a 60 minute presentation
...allow me to introduce Briefing Notes.

Briefing Notes are synopsis of panel and speaker topics in a cogent and concise format.  The front page has background on the topic and four pertinent charts or graphs pointing out trends, issues and basic data.  The back page links to recent news and developments, (hyper-linked and summarised) research, potential questions and points of debate and speakers' names, photos, titles and company.

Sent to attendees in pdf format in advance of an event (with a few hard copies on hand at the venue) or as part of a substantial rich-content booklet distributed on-site, Briefing Notes get the audience up on the curve in short order. For those who are new to a subject, the in-depth background (via the research links and charts) to become well-versed on the key issues to be presented and discussed.

I've done dozens of Briefing Notes and attended all of the conferences I've prepared them for.  The only complaint I've heard have been along the lines of "Why didn't we get these at the last conference?" and, where I created Briefing Notes only for select panels of an event, "Why didn't we have these for all of them?".

I am especially adept at producing them for alternative investments and financial topics, but can research other areas as required.  Typically about three weeks preparation time ahead of print date is needed—or up to five weeks for greater than five panels or more complex subjects—to draft the print-ready pdf versions.

   * Excellent audience primers
   * Great for moderators
   * Concise and cogent charts and graphs
   * Background and current trends in one document
   * Cost effective, high-value take-away
   * Offered by conference organizers or part of sponsorship packages