At BUSHMEMORIES we provide holidays with a focus on adventure, conservation and sustainable tourism.  We are unique in that we can also arrange for you to undertake volunteer work at local organizations.  This will allow you to fully experience the country you are visiting, while supporting local communities in Africa.
We are very aware in how our choices impact wildlife and the planet; we therefore promote and encourage making sound ethical travel choices. Our business is the result of our passion for life and our inherent love of nature and wild places.
We will arrange for you to explore the most fascinating corners of Africa in the way that suits you best.  Just a few of the experiences that we can provide are:
•     Gorilla trekking
•     White water rafting
•     Relaxing beach holidays
•     Kilimanjaro climb
•     Classic safaris
•     Family holidays
•     Honeymoons
In short, we aim to give you more than just a holiday in Africa.  We aim to give you an experience, to make you feel the wonder and beauty of the continent, to give you extraordinary memories as well as photographs to take home, and we aim to do this in a way that benefits local communities and sustains the environment.
Sustainable tourism is our primary commitment.
Sustainable tourism is achieved by working closely with local communities and making the best use of local resources. We are in open talk with the governments and international organisations to make sustainable tourism an important consideration for African economies. We are fighting to keep Africa beautiful, unspoiled and real, not to turn it into a giant amusement park.  We love Africa and we hope the service we provide will make you love it too.

You don't need to be a religious institution or a non-profit organisation to actively help development, conservation and prosperity in Africa. At BUSHMEMORIES we want to prove this - help us rise to the challenge!