Business Over Broadway (B.O.B.) works with companies to improve the effectiveness of their customer feedback programs. B.O.B.’s goal is to help companies maximize the value of their customer feedback program through program improvement efforts in areas ranging from strategy/governance to applied research. B.O.B.'s work is aimed to help companies gain customer insight that is necessary to help improve the customer experience, increase customer loyalty and, consequently, accelerate business growth. With their services, companies transform themselves into a customer-centric business by:
•     Validating customer survey programs Conducting Web-based surveys across all important constituencies (e.g., customers, employees and partners)
•     Creating reliable, valid and useful business metrics for executive dashboards
•     Quantifying the impact of customer loyalty on business performance measures (e.g., revenue growth, sales volume, defection rate)
•     Identifying business areas that significantly impact customer loyalty
•     Evaluating the effectiveness of company-wide programs
•     Identifying the important elements of employee and partner satisfaction that will improve customer loyalty
•     Determining customer satisfaction and loyalty criteria for incentive compensation programs
•     Building customer-centric operational metrics to align employees
•     Benchmarking best practices across the company
•     Developing employee training programs that impact the customer experience

About Bob E. Hayes, Ph.D.
Dr. Hayes is the president and founder of Business Over Broadway (B.O.B.), providing consultation and direction to help companies maximize the value of their survey programs. He is a recognized expert in customer satisfaction and loyalty measurement, and author of the books, Beyond the Ultimate Question (2009) and Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty (2008).

Dr. Hayes has conducted survey research for enterprise companies including Siebel Systems, Oracle, Netsmart Technologies, Virtual Instruments, Agilent Technologies, and Cisco Systems.