Christine Kaine is the founder of Business Angels Pty Ltd. Business Angels Pty Ltd, a global matching service which introduces private investors, known as angel investors or business angels, to businesses looking for start-up or expansion capital.

The service was founded in 1992 and was at the forefront of angel investor matching services worldwide. In 1998 a book was written to guide people through the process. This guide, “Private Capital for Private Companies”, contains essential information for both finding an angel investor, and being an angel investor.

Once people register with the Business Angel matching service, a short profile is anonymously displayed on the website while detailed information is held in-house and personally matched.

Business Angels Pty Ltd understands that personally matching the business's needs with the angel investor’s expertise and networks is as important as the provision of funds. We know how important it is for business partners to have compatible standards and values.

By personally managing all applications, confidentiality is maintained, and carefully considered referrals can be made. This personal recommendation encourages angel investors to meet privately with business owners to ascertain personal and business compatibility.

Google considers Business Angels Pty Ltd an "important, high-quality site". We rank highly world-wide in the Google search without having to pay to be there - this gives our members’ profiles excellent global exposure. While our service is based in Australia, we have national and international clients.