For more than 50 years, business owners, executives, and their advisors have been using aircraft to make the most effective use of their time. During this last half-century, dozens of magazines and now websites have sprung up, providing information on the technical aspects of how best to fly and maintain those aircraft, covering everything from fuel flows to engine overhauls.

In today’s challenging economy, with more than 30,000 turbine aircraft flying business leaders between and among cities and continents worldwide, it’s time for aircraft owners, operators, and their advisors to have one go-to source for the best, most up-todate information on the “business side” of owning and operating an aircraft.

Business Aviation Advisor is that source: a print and electronic magazine presenting timely, critical information to business aircraft owners and users, prospective owners and users, and their advisors, to help them better use and manage their business aviation investments.

Framed by clearly-written content by experienced industry experts, your advertising message will be seen and read, again and again, by your target market.