Self-Made Millionaire
Entrepreneur, Investor
Author, Speaker, Mentor
Visionary Thought Leader
Human Performance Expert
Strategy, Accountability Coach
Business Coach and Sales Coach
Our Founder and CEO, J V Crum, III, is a successful entrepreneur, investor, and thought leader who pioneered the Conscious Millionaire approach. He is a business coach and sales coach whose sole agenda is to help you achieve massive success in all areas of your business or sales.

J V Crum III’s focus is helping clients who want to make a powerful difference through their business and personal lives. His passion is business coaching, speaking, and delivering programs that help you consciously evolve to your next level – personally and financially.

J V Crum, III became a self-made millionaire in his 20’s and has over three decades of proven entrepreneurial and investor experience creating wealth which includes building and selling companies, real estate investing, and trading and investing in equities. He is an expert business coach in the field of performance improvement, developing a millionaire mindset, helping clients both design and improve their business models, and then develop and consistently implement strategies to achieve their stated results.

He graduated at the top of his class in three graduate disciplines – business (M.B.A.), law (J.D.), and psychology (M.S.). He is a licensed attorney and real estate broker, and is a member of “The Winners Circle”, a premier group of successful entrepreneurs.

J V Crum, III has studied business coaching, wealth creation, and business practices through trainings in Europe, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Bangkok, Japan, South Korea, and Brazil. In addition, he has extensive training and certifications in areas related to performance psychology including Neuro Linquistic Programming (NLP), Ericksonian Hypnosis, Business Coaching, and the new field of Energy Psychology.

He attends events such as the Conference on World Affairs (Boulder, CO), Green Festivals (San Francisco, CA), and LOHAS Conference (Lifestyles of Health And Sustainability.) J V Crum, III, has also lived at the personal development center, Esalen Institute (Big Sur, CA), and has participated in over thirty years of various business, personal, and spiritual development trainings, conferences, and retreats.

His purpose is to empower individuals and groups in ways that support the evolution of human consciousness and the betterment of our world.