WhealCorp Business Consultants provide entrepreneurs and their organizations with a team of professional consultants from every face of business management. It's our pleasure to expand the opportunities of every business owner by leveraging the strengths of your organization. We bring every aspect of the business into your very first strategy consultation. WhealCorp certified business consultants acknowledge the need for both production and service delivery assessments. The services that our business consultants offer are second to no industry competitor.  Our consultants specialize in helping business owners establish firm objectives. By activating maximum performance techniques our consultants implement measurable and realistic check-points to help business owners and managers evaluate their performance.  WhealCorp consultants also assist in transitioning company objectives into small to mid-sized business operations.  Our clients have contacted us for projects in areas of:

Business Management - Our consultants teach you How to maximize profits, optimize HR, and minimize costs without downsizing.

Risk Management at Whealcorp uses simple assessments of potential internal and external threats throughout each department and minimizes your exposure by strengthening the core of your organization.

Operational Management - establishing policies, procedures, Human Resources and recruiting, legal structures, etc.

Sales Coaching is based on skills used by high-level, professional salesmen and saleswomen who have excelled in both retail sales and organizational sales settings.

Start-up help from real entrepreneurs who have decades of experience in making ventures profitable from various backgrounds.  We can offer help in Incorporating your business and helping in any part of development form starting up to the final sale:    

Should I form and LLC, Inc, S-Corp or C-Corp?
• WhealCorp helps in getting proper taxation status with the Internal Revenue Service to avoid heavy tax penalties for improper activity.

Does Whealcorp offer professional help to small businesses?
• We find and select from among the industries best qualified business attorneys, accountants and get an insurance to protect your business assets from general liability.

Can you help me with planning?
• Developing a Business Plan and Business Model with WhealCorp's consultants can make your business profile and entrepreneurial ability into an effective business plan.  

How to start an effective marketing campaign
• Building and implement successful marketing strategies using technology and research practices through WhealCorps network of industry professionals to be Become more memorable and more attractive to consumers than your competitors are.

I know  what I want to do but how do I turn it into profits?
• When you work alongside professional business consultants in your industry we help you to: a) decide what the core competencies of your organization will be, including developing the mission, values, and goals of a business     b) make your passion marketable and your ideas attractive to people looking to spend money on your type of product

Should I charge more or less than my competition?
• Set Prices to Generate a Profit by utilizing WhealCorp sales coaching and management consultants' experience and expertise in revenue maximization and business development.  We show you what type of branding would work best for your business.  You decide which end of the quality and quantity matrix to set your brand to hold a strong position in the industry.

How can I get a business loan or start-up line of credit when? I need to get money for my business.
Financing and acquisition experience offered by WhealCorp business consultants can help you secure funding through aggressive loans and lines of credit programs available in the toughest market.  We are among the industry's most trusted source for entrepreneurs seeking to start a new venture or expand their existing enterprises.  Capital for corporate business development can help you achieve the next level.

Why should I choose WhealCorp for a business consulting Firm?
Over 40 years of experience in the industry from finance to H.R. - WhealCorp business consultants offer the most experience in hands-on help for small and large organizations seeking to start or expand a venture.  We give you the most support and can be on-site to assess and deescalate any problem through effective consultation.  Being in our network allows you to use the proper techniques to secure leads and sell to more customers.  We offer the first and only turn-key solution to operations for people who have great ideas but cannot seem to make any money using them.  Our services are guaranteed and much of what we do for free would cost a fortune at one of the competing firms.  Choose us with the confidence that we will be able to make your business successful and profitable.