Shawn Casey / Mining Gold Corporation

Briefly: Some of my 'Credentials'

Regarding my Internet business ventures:  “Mining Gold On the Internet” (over 100,000 copies sold) “9 Easy Steps To Internet Cash”, the “Internet Breakthrough Strategies Workshop”, “How To Make A Fortune In The Information Products Business” And  “List Pros”.

Before I focused on the Internet In the late 1990's I was part owner/CEO of Success Development International which was named to the “INC 500 List” 1996 and 1997

I was also the co-author of the bestselling book – Wake Up… Moments of Inspiration, a named contributor to Robert Allen’s New York Times bestselling book – Multiple Streams Of Internet Income. Really, just look up my name in the index. In July of 2009 I was featured on the cover of the "Home Business Connection" magazine.

I was a lawyer for almost 10 years and during that time I worked with a vast variety of small business owners, and I quickly gained an understanding on the topics they found important. I learned how to meet the needs and the demands of the business owners I worked closely with on a regular basis.

When I decided to "take a shot" at starting my own business, (And it took more than one shot, trust me, a lot of trial and error plus mistakes as well) I knew exactly the niche I wanted to specialize in - helping small business owners.

I wanted to help business owners build and maintain extremely successful businesses.

Over the years and working with thousands of people, I can honestly say that I have helped many small business people not only start their own business, but take a business they had already had started (I tip my hat to them) and make it become more successful.

So, you may be asking, "How can you help other people?" Well, I learned how to build my business the hard way.

I built my business when there really wasn't such thing as 'Business Credit.'

I had to fight "tooth and nail" for my business to get recognized. I was not able to get loans or credit cards for my business because there was no separation of personal credit and business credit.

You see, I had terrible personal credit due to unforeseen circumstances in my personal life. My credit sucked! (Imagine that!)

I had great intentions and a professional business plan, everything I needed to be accepted for a 10,000 dollar loan from a bank.

I was anxious to get the money I needed to establish my business, only to be turned away because of my poor personal credit, the door firmly shut behind me.

But I wanted to change my life so badly that I scrimped and scraped to save enough so my own business was finally created.

I then decided I could take my experience and use it to help all the other entrepreneurial minded people like myself, people who believed they could successfully create and sustain their own business, if they just had a littl bit of help, some good, solid, advice.

I heard about change in the business arena, a new concept that caught my attention, and I wanted to learn more about it.

This concept I am talking about is BUSINESS CREDIT.

I researched everything I possibly could on business credit. Then, I pulled together all of the information, PLUS my own personal experiences over the last 30 years and I created "The Ultimate Guide To Business Credit."

I wanted business owners to be aware of the concise process that is needed to effectively and properly build as much business credit as fast as possible.

Some people hear about business credit, and they go at it on their own. They make applications “willy-nilly”, and it does not normally work for them.

There is a process, and there are people on the other end of that process that are in control of granting business credit!

So… Wouldn’t It Make Sense To Give Them What They Want?…

Presented To Them In The Proper Fashion So As To Make Their Job Easier When It Came To Your Specific Personal Request Regarding Credit Of Any Type?!?!

I recognized there is a true desire and need for this information on business credit which is I why I decided to create it; the market was already there.

People have been asking me, "Shawn, can you show me how to build credit for my business," or "Mr. Casey, I am just starting out and I have what I believe to be a good business idea but I do need some money in order to take that idea and make it a reality. Any thoughts you could share with me?"

I know that my product is going to help many business owners get on the right track when it comes to building business credit as fast as possible.

I am really proud that over the past 12 years we, people in my company and others that have aided me in a wide variety of different business ventures, have helped over 2 million business owners by giving them the information they needed on many different topics.

I look forward to continuing this over the next few years - Shawn Casey