Business Direct Connect Online is a social media outlet created for business professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners looking to share their ideas and market themselves in a safe, business friendly environment. As a Social Media outlet we can provide direct exsposure to other business' and potential clients. In these tough economic times there is a drastic need to change the face of many companies and brand the community in a new way. Whether you are involved in a Fortune 500 company or a mom and pop lemonade stand, you are the economic backbone of the World. Soon there will be a place to showcase your business to others that may not know you even exist.
By creating an on-line profile of your company, yourself, and your product opportunitis will be follow. We  offer the space,free start up advertising,and an online community of your peers and potential clients.
Companies are able to post employment opportunities to a vast network of eager proffesionals and recent college graduates. Profiles focus on the business environment and are fully monitored to and updated with the latest software to help your profile get noticed by potential applicants. This is a professional level site with professional level members. We are not Myspace, LinkedIn, or Facebook. We offer a workplace friendly site.