Business Horizons is a dynamic and growing company engaged in the publishing and marketing of quality books serving the niche markets of pharmaceutical industry and herbal/botanicals/nutritional supplements industry. It brings high quality information to a global market. From the publication of the first book, Business Horizons has grown to become one of the respected international publishers in the niche areas of pharmaceutical and herbal medicine fields. Our books are evolved around the technology requirements of these industries and are intended to foster their growth and technological innovations. Business Horizons takes pride in the international appeal of its titles, and the list of authors includes leading scientists from all continents.

Our international presence in over 80 countries ensures the dissemination of high-quality publications throughout developed and developing countries. Business Horizons remains among the leaders in the development and implementation of new technologies and the creation of valuable new products for the industry and scientific research community. A qualified pharmacist J. P. S. KOHLI who has worked in various capacities in pharmaceutical industry, including manufacturing, exports and engineering, is the company promoter. As a company therefore, we are focused on the fields we know intimately and we perceive ourselves to be a source of technology through our books, as we understand perfectly what the industry desires in the form of information resources.