The Bus Transportation Company, began operation in 2004 to address the specialized ground transportation needs of large-scale meeting planners throughout the Dubai. Our core business is the design and operation of shuttle bus and mass transportation systems in support of conventions, trade shows, Companies employs, sports and special events.
The Convention Store, Inc. is a national transportation management company and does not own equipment. Our expertise focuses on the planning and on-site management of shuttle systems. Since its inception, The Convention Store, Inc. has developed a strong infrastructure supported by our staff, herein referred to as "The Shuttle Team".
Shuttle Team training is focused on quality customer service. Our personnel are trained to recognize the communication skills necessary to appeal to varied clientele and are aware of the need for effective communication through signs, brochures, ad displays, posters, etc. We believe that our riders, no matter what system of transportation they are using, must be considered "first timers" and we ensure that they are guided safely and easily through the transportation systems we design. We constantly observe the progress of the riders, changing to meet their needs and removing obstacles that challenge their safety or comfort.