Buster's Canine Supply Outlet began as an inspiration I had. You see I am Buster's owner. All my life I have been an avid animal lover, especially of dogs. Dogs have been part of my life since childhood. Through the years of owning dogs I have encountered may different problems and situations as I am sure most of you have. I have studied, researched and spoken with many prominent "dog professionals" about training, behavioral problems, foods, and illnesses. The most important thing to me is using the most humane and effective way to approach any topic concerning these wonderful animals. I do not use or will I promote any products that are harmful or cruel in anyway. I only want what is best for our faithful companions. I am also a huge supporter of Shelter Pet Adoption. There are millions of animals every year being destroyed for no good reason other than being homeless. I urge every animal lover to please adopt a Shelter Pet or make a donation to your local Animal Shelter. Please help save a life!

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