Since 2003, creating content has been the passion, drive and business model of Butch Hamilton.  Hours of intensive work, energy and effort is being continuously put forth in the job of promoting, creating and building sites for business owners needing improved impressions and site visitors on the world wide web.  2021 is scheduled to be the next Internet explosion.  Due to covid concerns, businesses are moving online to attract new customers and to keep the flow of revenue evenly distributed.  Search optimizing by Butch Hamilton means constant updating with creative content about the site being promoted and the business model being branded on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo and the other searches where people turn for good information.  It is imperative to keep the even flow of good information coming to the search engine spiders so that content assimilation and redistribution is assured.  This is a never ending process that Butch Hamilton has honed to a perfection that few on the web can master.

There are certain rules and procedures to follow when using content marketing to gain a strong foothold on the web.  Being aware of these rules is imperative and Butch Hamilton knows all the rules of this game.  Creating original and readable content is just the innate skill practiced and honed to perfection by Butch Hamilton which drives many new business models into success on the web.  Knowing the insider tricks of the trade, Butch Hamilton quietly and efficiently just goes about the important business of content marketing while the other so called gurus write about their skills.  There can be no doubt when advertising a business on the web in 2021, the importance of good content is what drives the machine that makes the decided difference whether a business is seen in full view on the web, or simply lays there in total and complete anonymity while others speed by them on the way to making sales and building good business partners via the world wide web.

The press releases written by Butch Hamilton are among the best of the best that the web has to offer.  Complete and total immersion into the subject at hand, and writing about that subject in a clear and concise manner is every day process in the life and times of Butch Hamilton.  While others try to buy their way online, Butch Hamilton simply sits, writes, ponders, visualizes and produces the best of the best quality content for fortunate clients who chose his unique and inspired writing talents.