The Butt Furr Company is named after its original and signature product; the famous Furr for the Butt, “The Most Comfortable Shorts on Earth!” Butt Furr shorts are made from a trademarked fabric called Microfurr®, which is milled to precise specifications.  It’s super soft and feels great, but is also really durable!  It is the most luxurious technical fabric available today and will not fade, shrink, wrinkle or pill.  Butt Furr shorts come in 10 sizes and 40 colors. They have a dedicated following of men, women, children, students, sports fans, teams and organizations who love their supreme comfort.  It doesn’t matter if they’re given as a gift or purchased for yourself Butt Furr shorts are guaranteed to produce smiles! We know they will be the favorite item in your wardrobe too.


Butt Furr affects people in some pretty amazing ways.  Whether it’s a combination of the light hearted brand name, the look, the feel, the bold logo, or the vibrant colors and prints; nothing compares to seeing people overcome emotionally by Butt Furr. Excitement, laughter and happiness are typical reactions. Butt Furr creates an atmosphere of fun and produces a feeling of joy; things we think the world needs more of today.  We strive to deliver this feeling in every pair of shorts we make and it is the foundation of our company slogan:  

“Realize The Power Of The Furr!”