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TurboFire Beachbody DVDS Delux Boxset for the best trainer,best workouts,best music,best spot in class
is including 15DVDS,calendar,fitness guides,shedule.ruler,green yogo resistance band

What your will get from the turbo fire?

1. 1DVDS: Get fired up.Chalence gudies you throught the program to help you get the best results.
2. 2DVDS: fire 30 class/stretch 10 class throw smoking-hot hooks and make big leaps to the bass of "give up the funk".
3. 3DVDS: hilt 15 class/stretch 10class dial it up for your first high intensity interval training class.
4.4DVDS: fire 55 ed class strtch 10class do not let ez fool you-- you will be sweating to "dazzey dukes".
5. 5DVDS: core 20class/stretch 40class/stretch 10class chalene's most popular class targets your tummy withi moves
that deliver incredible abs.
6. 6DVDS: fire 45class/streth 10class kick,dance,and punch your way into shape to the eat of "wiggle it"
7. 7DVDS: Hiit 20class/stretch 10class "turn this mutha out"with 7 sizzling fire drills in 2 minuts.
8. 8DDVDS: fire 45 EZ class/stretch 10class take break from the fire drills,but not hte fire,as you sweat to"in the ayer".
9. 9DVDS:hiit 25 class/stretch 10 class/stretch 10class here's 25minutes of your most intense fire drills yet with chalene.
10. 10DVDS:SCULPT 30class/tone 30class develop shapely muscles wiht chalene's challenging resistance calsses.
11. 11DVDS: stretch 40class/stretch 10class increase your flexibility and lengthen your muscles for a long,lean look.The other 4DVDS are pugilism gymnastic .

How to class?

Chalene will give you step-by-step instructions to help you keep up in class from the very first day.

Turbo Fire also includes:
Turn up the burn fitness guide
get more in the know about hiit and why turbofire really works.
Turofire class schedule
We have taken the guesswork wout of working out so you can get te best results.
Turbo fire Lower-Body band
add definition and build long,lean muscles with this body-sculpting band.


Fitness resistance bands improve muscle tone,flexibility and strengt with variable resistance training,unique soft grip hadles allow interchangeability of cords to various leangths,door anchor will not harm your door but will help you create exercises that you never thought possible

Fitness Training for resistance bands 5

professional resistance band * 5(different color)
soft foam handles *2
door anchor *1
ankle strap*2
all put into a black bag

yellow band(extra ;strong.tension:5lbs)
green band( light.tension:7lbs)
red band(medium.tension;13lbs)
red band( strong.tension:19lbs)
black band( extra strong.tension:23lbs)
N.W: 23KGS
Measurement: 52*50*34CM/carton

resistance band 5