Since 2002, BuyerSynthesis has grown into a boutique marketing research company with a small yet smart team that helps clients grow top-line revenue through better understanding their buyers. We are the bridge between consumers and brands.

Our Name

We put the Buyer first. They are the most important person in any business and yet an often-underestimated piece of the marketing puzzle. Using evidence-based research methodologies, we help you bring their voice to the front of your marketing strategy.

Our research is sophisticated. We don’t just throw data into a report that will sit on your shelf. Using curiosity and business expertise we Synthesize information to help you truly understand current and potential buyers.
Why Our Marketing Research Works

BuyerSynthesis specializes in gathering and synthesizing buyer information with the purpose of addressing your business needs. We recruit the right people and ask the right questions.

We create work that is honest. We tell your buyers’ stories and offer a fresh perspective to your company. We get to know your buyers as people so you can take their truth into account.

What sets us apart is that we know information is useless unless it can be used to create a plan that incites change. BuyerSynthesis uses inventive thinking and business knowledge to provide actionable insights that help businesses bring in more revenue and make smarter marketing decisions.
Working with BuyerSynthesis

If you are here it’s because you’re craving information. Our clients are emerging and established brands who have fundamental questions about their business and their buyers. They are tired of guessing the answers to questions like these:

   Everyone in the company has different opinions – who is our real target market?
   These are just opinions – where can we get concrete information?
   Our strategy is not targeted enough – how can we get a cohesive message?

Our clients come to us to help them solve problems using concrete data and impartial insights. We have worked with brands to win start-up funding, launch products with the best chance of succeeding, and save money by implementing solutions earlier in the marketing strategy development process.

We always start projects with a free consultation to help determine your needs, goals, and the best research strategy to achieve them.

The advantage of our boutique marketing research firm is that you always know who is managing your project and that all work is completed to our high standards.

Our Services

Focus groups and qualitative research methods are a great place to get started when you need to understand your consumer’s buy-havior.

Under our Qualiwhys™ methodology, we offer:

   Focus Group Research
   Online Qualitative
   Consumer One-on-One Interviews
   Ethnography & In-Home Research
   Video-Enhanced Presentations
   Brand Positioning
   Custom Focus Group Recruiting

For clients who need statistically relevant answers to quantify the findings from qualitative research, BuyerSynthesis also offers Quantiwhys™ services:

   Online Surveys
   Phone Surveys
   Quali-Quant Studies

Our research provides answers to questions and insights to help pinpoint areas for innovation.

We don’t just collect data. We also help you understand what to do with this information by providing detailed and informed recommendations.