Buy From Farm opens the door to people’s most fundamental need: the need to eat. It makes farmers’ markets in local neighborhoods easily accessible and it allows you to connect with your neighbors who are selling produce. Not only can you find out where the markets are, you can follow them, favorite farmers and review the vendors. This will help local vendors and communities to go green.
 Not only can you download the application to purchase produce, it can be used to sell extra produce. Buy From Farm makes farming and entrepreneurship easier. The application provides many management tools. Farmers can list and manage their produce right from their mobile phone. It also connects data so farmers can see how people like their business. Finally, the application allows farmers to promote their business through push notifications and other methods.
 The application has endless benefits. Along with the fact that it promotes healthy eating, buying locally, and green eating, it is also simple and convenient. It provides accurate marketing for people who are visiting farmers’ markets and endless possibilities for those who want to sell. The application is available for download from the Google Play Store or the iTunes store. To learn more about Buy From Farm, visit their website at https://buyfrom.farm. Buy local and sell local with your trusted neighbors.