We’re excited to announce the long awaited launch of BUYHOOD.com.
What exactly is BUYHOOD.com and how does it differ from its competition, you may ask?  Great question!
BUYHOOD.com is an ecommerce website designed from a consumer’s perspective.  We all like to save money.  How great would it be to also support our local community in the process?
As a Seller, BUYHOOD.com offers a low one-time listing fee (as low as $5) for as long as it takes for the item to sell.  We don’t nickel and dime you.  We charge a fair price for a great service.  It only takes 3 steps to create a listing.
As a Buyer, the interactive map makes it easy to locate the item(s) you’re looking for.  You can search based on zipcode, item name, item description, dollar amount, or any combination thereof.  You can even change the search radius to keep it local or global.  It’s very easy to use.
As a community member, we promote local transactions, which mean no shipping fees.  When was the last time you found something using other services but noticed it was more expensive to have it shipped than what the item actually cost?  
Instead of telling you more about it, we invite you to stop by and check it out for yourself.  Use code BH2013 to list your items at no cost.  Hurry, offer expires 8/30/13.
We’re at www.BUYHOOD.com .  You may also visit us on twitter (@buyhood) and Facebook.  
BUY Local
SELL Local
SAVE Money

We look forward to seeing you.