BuyThisBros.com was built with the vision of helping people get the most cash for their new, used, and broken electronics and for the least amount of effort. We were tired of visiting trade in sites that lowballed us and we were tired of eBay and Craigslist. Who wants to have to set up an auction and hope that we get the amount of money we are asking for? Who wants to have to wait to get paid and worry about whether the buyer is going to pay or not? Who wants to have to worry about the possibility of the customer returning items? Who want to have to worry about shipping? Better yet, who want to have to meet a stranger in a sketchy location off of Craigslist? Certainly not us!

So we decided that there had to be a better way to help everyone trade in their electronics. All you have to do is select your device model, size, and condition and we will make you an instant offer. We then send you a prepaid shipping kit in the mail and all you have to do is place your device inside and drop it off at your local post office!

No more lowball offers, no more sketchy meet-ups, no more waiting to get paid. Visit BuyThisBros.com and Get Paid Now!