buytruckload.com is based in Chicago and was founded by Sean Devine and John Labrie, transportation executives working hands-on to reshape the market. buytruckload.com combines their experience with freight operations, procurement strategy, and analytics to help shippers save money. They started by offering a search to help shippers find prospective carriers and a survey to improve internal processes. The combination of the two creates the opportunity for shippers to save money by making improvements inside and outside of their organization. The buytruckload.com carrier search leverages a database of every carrier and broker in the United States and supports searches by equipment, size, location, age, safety, authority and more. The survey captures the consulting work the team has done and provides each user with a framework within which to review their as-is state. buytruckload.com also has a series of transportation cartoons drawn for them by “Abe” Eagle, an owner-operator and cartoonist. All features of the site - the carrier search, assessment survey, and professional cartoons – are accessible after a quick registration. They’ve found a way to replace ‘business as usual’ by making all of their resources, including the registration, completely free.