For the creative industries and gaming in particular, the county of Dorset in the UK is at the forefront of innovative IT developments in the UK.

Buy with Thrills, established in 2013 has recently launched its first beta site and its innovative approach to mixing offline and online retailing for the benefit of all has been described as disruptive for the retailing industry.

The site brings excitement in to the retailing experience by introducing events and games in to the process. The buying process is therefore split and each consumer has the opportunity to either buy his selected item or enter a 'game' for a small fee. The winner secures his chosen item at a massive discount.

The Buy With Thrills site benefits from gamification but also the use of Big Data, mobile location services and the latest client identification software.

Traditional retailing merchants on the High Street will attract new customers and excite their current clients by offering the Buy With Thrills vouchers - electronic 'thrills' - that in turn they can use to purchase games online at www.buywiththrills.com.

The business is currently seeking equity partners and anticipates to launch globally by mid 2015. The beta site in its infancy, is attracting much interest as the company introduces new gaming experiences and the concept of 'excitement' when shopping online gathers wider interest.

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