An Online Marketplace like you've never seen before.

Consumer Powered and Business Driven

On Buzz24seven you find BUYERS, not Sellers.
On Buzz24seven you find CUSTOMERS, not Products.
On Buzz24seven you find JOB SEEKERS, not Jobs.

Here consumers tell the market what they are buying, the services they need and the jobs they are looking for.
Our intuitive templates make posting quick and easy.
Our service lets you know when you have new offers in your inbox.
Your account lets you organize your listings and activity.
No more browsing hundreds of web sites and thousands of listings.
Let the market come to you and compete for your business.
Best of all, posting is FREE, and always will be.

That’s why we say; More Offers, Less Effort, Better Deals.

For businesses Buzz24seven is a real Hot Leads List of new Customers, Clients and Job seekers.
Here is where serious sellers, service providers, hiring companies and recruiting agencies actively search for more business.
Buzz24seven extends your reach and broadens your market arena.
Our “Be the first to know” technology allows you to set your account to let you know instantly when members post new listings for your product, service or job.
Find customer you would normally never meet.
Offer your products and services in markets you would normally never reach.
Our sophisticated search system allows you to find specific customers in target markets.
Our service lets you know when members respond to your offers.
Your account lets you organize your offers and activity.

Some say Revolution,
others say Web Evolution.
We say welcome to Buzz24seven!