BUZZING DHOL:-  Your Buzzing & Happining World at your doorstep!

First it was what’s app, now its Buzzing Dhol you have a basic instinct to connect to people around you. Being Human, it’s a natural instinct How about having a application that helps You connect to people with similar interests?
An application that let’s you connect to activities and people involved in those activities that you like? An application that tells you about the events that are happening in your vicinity as and when they happen?
If you are searching for all this and more.. you are at the night place.
Buzzing Dhol helps you discover events around you as and when they are happening in real time.
All you have to do is download our application on your mobile and click to website www.buzzingdhol.com All the information will be available to you on your mobile like music, festival, concerts, meetups, conference, social event, movie shows etc. You can pick and chose the events as you like and get tickets for those  events. Get all information on like where it is happening, when it is happening etc.

Buzzing Dhol:- If spicing up life is your goal……. Welcome to buzzing droll!

Get EXCITEMENT back in your pants! BuzzingDhol will help you do just that by helping you to find “Event Buzzes” across the globe with a few clicks on your phone or media device. Just visit www.buzzingdhol.com or download our application BuzzingDhol from playstores (coming soon) and enjoy event buzzers all around you.

What is BuzzingDhol?
BuzzingDhol allows you to discover the events that are getting a lot of buzz around you. Buzzing NOW: local or international music festivals, concerts, meet-ups, conferences, social events, sports events, fundraisers, shows, movies or anything happening in your locality.

Just allow the BuzzingDhol app to detect your location or select a location of your interest, anywhere on the globe, and see an enormous list of events load within seconds. You can also like, shortlist, and get tickets to your chosen event(s) in no time. You can also save an event and view it later by tapping on the heart. Interestingly, you can also catch up Facebook events on BuzzingDhol.

How is BuzzingDhol different?
When it comes to your colorful life, you must know everything happening around you. BuzzingDhol presents all the interesting things happening within a location around you on a single platform and also allows you to choose what you like, based on your interests.
Now, you will never miss a single event happening around you, which you wanted to attend or participate in, but could not because you did not know about it or found out about too late! Get your buzzing and social life going, NOW!
Also you can use BuzzingDhol to find out about what’s happening in other locations across the world when you are travelling and wish to plan your itinerary.

Who should use BuzzingDhol?
BuzzingDhol is a people friendly application that anyone above the age of 13 is permitted to use. Students, professionals, individuals, families, music maniacs, sports fanatics, party freakers, charity enthusiasts and nearly everyone else can find something matching their interest at BuzzingDhol. You can also easily connect with others with similar interests as yours with the help of BuzzingDhol.
If you simply want to spice up your social life and find some exciting buzzing events happening in your neighborhood over your otherwise dull weekend, BuzzingDhol allows you a comprehensive search for events suiting your mood and taste.
If you are travelling somewhere for work and you have some free time, or if you are travelling for the sole purpose of leisure, BuzzingDhol can easily help you find interesting events you can attend and spice up your time away from home.

Where can I access BuzzingDhol?
Anywhere. Simply anywhere you can get an Internet connection in the world. People across the globe are using our application and recommend it as a one-stop-shop for all events-related info!

Just drop your suggestions to support@buzzingdhol.com and we promise to address all your concerns to the best of our capabilities and get back to you within 4 hours.

Welcome to the Buzzing EVOLUTION!