Our mission is to become a leading platform through volume based virtual content and technology

●  Giving users, institutions, and businesses the ability to create highly interactive virtual tours and share them with the world
●  Offering cities and corporates an advanced & personalized interactive virtual tour platform
●  Enabling 3rd party content creators to use the platform to host and enhance their imagery
●  Revolutionizing e-commerce

Today Nuvia’s platform allows for business owners to introduce dynamic content into their own Virtual Tour; product promotions, infotainment, linkage to web store or booking systems. In the future, Nuvia’s platform will allow for an individual Virtual Tour to be converted into a virtual shopping store.

Every single merchant will be able to use his VT as an interactive web store that will dynamically generate a product catalog based on product placement and customer demand. Historic data and transaction logs will generate the catalog and help the merchant build his store. This opens up an enormous opportunity for both the business owner and Nuvia.