Chef Gregory Brown
I was born to eat healthy but had no intentions to become a chef.   I became a vegetarian in the late 90’s…cold turkey…pardon the pun, found a cookbook on vegetarianism and decided to give up animal products and be a vegan.  Then, I taught myself how to cook. After several years, a friend called me and asked if I knew any vegetarian chefs and that’s how I started cooking for others.  After years of cooking, It took a couple more years of research to develop The Land of Kush where we bring ancient and natural concepts to modern society right here in the Mount Vernon Community.

Naijha Wright-Brown
I was introduced to gardening, farming, environmentalism, sustainability and the basics of healthy eating while spending summers in Massachusetts as a teenager.  A native New Yorker, I was born in Manhattan’s lower east side and raised in the South Bronx. With an MBA in Business and having been a successful serial entrepreneur, the thought of owning a restaurant never crossed my mind until I relocated to Baltimore and met Greg.  I am the co-creator of Vegan Soulfest and Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week.  I am the Executive Director of the Black Vegetarian Society of Maryland.